The Agate Conservation District still has nearly $12,000 in grant money to assist landowners in the area implement projects intended to improve range land health. 

The district has extended the deadline and is now accepting applications for this cost-share grant on a first-come, first-serve basis until the funds are depleted, including those who reside in the neighboring districts to Agate Conservation District.

Range land health, conservation practices that help restore our prairie ecosystem of native grasses and plants, resilience in drought or down pour moisture received, infrastructure for rotational grazing and pest or noxious weed control practices help improve quality of all who live in the Eastern Plains of Colorado.

Please do not wait to implement the conservation practices you wish for on your land, simply due to information, help in planning or costs!

We can help with all of that!

Our neighboring conservation districts include:

  • Deer Trail CD
  • Cope CD
  • High Plains CD
  • Double El CD
  • Kiowa CD

Not sure which Conservation District you live in?

Use the interactive map at CACD to find your local conservation district office and contact information!

For more information or to request an application, please Contact Us.

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