Benefits At a Glance:

  • Decreased long-term maintenance costs for landowners
  • Increased resiliency of your property
  • Decreased costs of snow removal for public roads
  • Improved Traffic Safety

Why invest in Living Snow Fence?

The ultimate goal of a Living Snow Fence is improved traffic safety, benefits to taxpayers with decreased cost of snow removal on public roads and decreased long term costs associated with slatted snow fence maintenance.

The longevity of a tree-planting is one of the most valuable attributes of a living snow fence. Trees will live for decades, while a 4-foot wood slated snow fence lasts only 5 to 7 years.

Overall savings include hours spent by county transportation costs on snow removal and clean up per snow event in areas having living snow fences, as well as time saved on traffic control, safety and all snow removal efforts.

Additional benefits are the creation of wildlife habitats and improved aesthetics.

Agate Conservation District currently maintains two living snow fence projects; The Ed Butler Memorial Living Snow Fence and in partnership with landowner and Elbert County District 3 Commissioner, Grant Thayer.

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