Our Mission

The mission of the Agate Soil Conservation District is to provide information and assistance to land users in the wise use of conservation of our soil, water and other natural resources to achieve sustained agriculture production for current and future generations.

About Us

Our conservation district encompasses a portion of Elbert, Lincoln and Arapahoe Counties for approximately 352,807 acres.  

The majority of the land use is rangeland.

Governing Board

Agate Conservation District Board consists of five governing members and a district manager.

Learn more about our Board members at About Us.

We also partner with Elbert County Road & Bridge to establish Living Snow Fences along county and state roads for public safety and protection from wind erosion.

Our History

Agate Soil Erosion District was first established August 26, 1940, and is now called Agate Conservation District.

All of Colorado’s Conservation Districts represent private landowners’ interests in conservation planning and practices. They have led this charge since they were created by the Colorado State Legislature in 1937.

As of 1989, almost the entire state of Colorado is included in the 76 conservation districts, encompassing some 63 million acres. While Conservation Districts are technically considered “local governments”, they fall under the statutory guidance of the State.

In 2002, the 76 Colorado “Soil Conservation Districts” removed “Soil” from their name to more accurately reflect that emphasis not be solely concerned with soil, but for all the natural resources.

How We Serve


We provide our local landowners with information, tools and technical assistance regarding choices available to enhance the resiliency and sustainability of their land.

Contact Us or view our online Resources page for the most common challenges faced by landowners in our area, information and assessment forms.



We provide equipment leasing and funding assistance to local landowners to meet their goals in a resilient & sustainable fashion, for business, personal, ecological and budget friendly way, one step at time.

Planning and Technical Assistance

Contact Us or visit our Resources page to learn more about how to improve your land for resiliency and stability in face of local challenges from weather and modern developments.

What Conservation District do you live in?

Watershed areas, as well as geography and county lines have all worked together to form Conservation Districts in Colorado. If you aren’t certain which Conservation District you live in, visit the interactive map available at Colorado Association of Conservation Districts to identify your local office or Contact Us.

example of interactive map at ColoradoACD.org