Pressurized Exhaust Rodent Controller (PERC)

In response to population explosions in recent years, Agate Conservation District jointly purchased with Double El Conservation District a PERC machine, for leasing to landowners dealing with infestation levels of prairie dogs.

The PERC treatment applies pressurized carbon monoxide to the burrows and is a humane method of control.  Treatment will not leave toxic carcasses or residue, does not require poisons, and is not a threat to other animals.  Vegetation, turf, plants and trees are not disturbed.

PERC Leasing Information


Standard rates for leasing are:

$50 per PERC machine hour, (minimum charge of $300)

Season Special!!  $25 per PERC machine hour, (minimum charge of $100)

Requirements to Lease

Landowners wishing to lease the PERC machine are required to:

  1. Provide Proof of Liability Insurance for vehicle used to pull trailer containing PERC/ATV equipment
  2. Sign a Liability Waiver
  3. Submit a $500 damage deposit